Soga Keena
Soga keena
Vital statistics
Title Singularity
Gender Female
Race Human
Voiced by: Mai Nakahara (Drama CD), Aki Toyosaki (anime) (Japanese), Melissa Davis (English)


Kena is one of Akuto's classmates in classroom 1-A who is always seen wearing a strange bird-shaped hairpin, later revealed to be a gift from Akuto when they were both children.

She is a highly capable student, and but frequently absent from class, a point that annoys Akuto to no end. She loves rice and keeps a rice cooker even though rice cookers are banned from her dorm, as she believes that everyone would be happy if they ate rice together. Kena is often quite nonsensical, often acting based on unlikely and bizarre conclusions. For example, she once believed that she was responsible for killing Junko in a magical explosion, despite it originating from Akuto and Junko only being rendered unconscious. She refers to Akuto as "Aa-chan"; she gradually realizes she has feelings for him.


She can make herself invisible to the point of having her own mana cloaked, although this applies only to her body; the hairpin and any other clothes she is wearing remain visible. Aside from near-complete invisibility and flight, Kena does not seem to exhibit other magic abilities.